WinPop add-in for Expression Web V4

Ian Haynes, the creator of a number of Expression Add-ins that have been mentioned here previously has just published a new one, WinPop add-in for Expression Web V4. WinPop creates ‘accessible pop-up windows’. Accessible means that they can be read by screen readers and continue to work if a user has JavaScript turned off. It has all the usual browser options for the pop-up windows and can create the pop-up link from text, existing links or images.

Once you have installed the add-in following these instructions How to Install Add-ins, you will see a new entry on the Insert menu which launches the add-in and there are brief help notes in the main Help menu.

Screenshot Insert Popup Window Menu Item.

Screnshot Insert Popup Window Menu Item.

How to use the WinPop add-in

  1. From the Insert menu > select PopUp Window

    Screenshot WinPop dialog screen.

    Screenshot WinPop Dialog Screen

  2. Fill in the Main Parameters which are mandatory:
  3. Select the Options you wish to include with the popup window.
  4. Click Insert.

You can then preview your page in your favorite browser, click the hyperlink and you will see the pop-up window you just created. The code you entered will contain the following target="xPopUp" which will NOT validate if you are using a Strict doctype statement but the pop-up window works perfectly. You can view a working example of the WinPop add-in in action on my genealogy site. Click on family history in the first paragraph, and a pop-up window will open to a Wikipedia article.

You can download WinPop from the Expression Web Gallery or directly from Ian’s site, EW Resources. Thanks Ian for another great ad-in for Expression Web 4.

You can download all of Ian’s Expression Web Add-ins from the Expression Web Gallery.


  1. I tried WinPop as you suggested using my browser (Chrome) – Wikipedia opened in a separate browser tab just like a normal link would.

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