Win Expression Web 3.0 by creating a custom 404 page

Fellow MVP, Tina Clarke, is offering a full Expression Web 3.0 product key for the winner of the best design for a 404 error page. If you are the lucky winner, you will also be able to upgrade to Expression Web 4.0 for FREE when it is released. She is also offering a 2nd Prize of her Expression Web Tips Vol l and Vol ll Ebooks and a 3rd Prize of her Expression Web Tips Vol l Ebook.

What you have to do to enter the contest.

Design a 404 error page that uses a play on words or a play on a specific photo, or introduces a double meaning or even a pun. You can enter as many times as you wish BUT the entry has to be your own original work either for your site or a client’s site.

Once you have designed your page,  and published it to your server, head on over to Tina’s Expression Web Blog, click on the Contact page on the menu and enter the following:

  • Name
  • Email
  • link to the page or 404 page design
  • Indicate Expression Web Contest

You can read all the details on  Win Expression Web 3.0 by creating a custom 404 page. Remember, you must use the Contact Page on Tina’s Blog to post your entry.

Implementing 404 error pages.

Check with your hosts help files to find out how to implement the error pages for your server. I have tutorials on both BlueHost and 1and1 and have found links for three others.

What if I can’t implement a 404 page?

Not to worry. If your host does not allow custom 404 pages for whatever reason just upload the page as a page and enter it as the design.

Have fun with a chance to win a great prize AND learn more about using custom error pages. The contest runs until May 31, 2010

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