15 Surefire Ways to Break Your CSS

Rob Glazebrook posts on his blog, CSS Newbie: Learn with Style, an article on 15 Surefire Ways to Break Your CSS. Having had to troubleshoot my own style sheets as well as helping others, I can certainly agree with his selections.

  1. Missing a Semicolon
  2. Missing a Colon
  3. Missing a Brace
  4. Misspelled Properties
  5. Misspelled Values
  6. Misspelled Classes and IDs
  7. Improperly Ordered Values
  8. Measurement Values Without Units
  9. Competing Identical Rules
  10. Unintentionally Competing Rules
  11. Calling a Class an ID (or vice-versa)
  12. Using a Nonexistent Property
  13. Using a Nonexistent Value
  14. Improperly Matching Properties and Values
  15. Not Closing Comments

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