Two New Expression Web Site Templates

We’re pleased to bring you two new templates for your web design needs. Both of the templates are offered FREE as Web Packages. Each contains the DWT (Dynamic Web Template) and external style sheet as well as images, and a series of pages for a small web site. You are free to rename the pages and/or create additional pages you might need. Both are two equal height columns at a fixed width of 1024x 768 resolution. The templates use a CSS based layout with no tables.

Screenshot Daffodil Garden Site Template.

Daffodil Garden Site Template

Screenshot Dandelion Meadow Site Template.

Dandelion Meadow Site Template

Both the style sheet and the DWT are heavily commented. If you have questions, please feel free to use the Contact Form on the Expression Web Tutorials and Templates site.  You can download either or both of the web packages from Expression Web Tutorials and Templates.



  1. Great looking template. It’s easy on the eyes and since it’s a DWT it is much flexible than a static page which means more features. Thanks for the share!

  2. Nice template. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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