The Definitive Guide to (Mostly) Free Images

My husband is always telling me “There is NO free lunch” when an offer seems to good to be true. Everything comes with a price. A recent article from SitePoint discusses free or mostly free images available on the Internet.

Even services like Gmail and Facebook come with a price—namely, your privacy. (Free with a string attached would be more accurate.) It’s the same with “free” images from sites like Flickr and and Stock.XCHNG.

The article goes on to discuss what you need to know about free and mostly free images on the web and using those images on YOUR site.

  • Creative Commons: A Non-Traditional Copyright Model
  • Which is Best: Creative Commons or Royalty Free/Right Managed?
  • Public Domain Images

I would urge anyone who is in the habit of right clicking and saving the image and then using it on YOUR website or the site of someone you may be helping to read The Definitive Guide to (Mostly) Free Images by John Tabita.

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