SPAWN Addon for Expression Web 1.0 or 2.0

Jim Cheshire of JimcoSoftware is the author of a number of books on Expression Web including Expression Web 3 In Depth which is due to be released in October. Jim is also the author of Spawn, an addon for Expression Web 1.0 and 2.0 that allows you to create hyperlinks that will open in a new popup window with the window being a specific size or positioned at a specific place on the screen. Spawn will also allow you to create a link that will open in a new window BUT does not have certain features (such as the address bar, bookmarks bar, etc.). The window can also be locked to a certain size.

Spawn for Expression Web is an add-in to Expression Web that allows you to easily create JavaScript popup windows in your site without having to write any code. Simply launch Spawn, set your options, and Spawn does all of the work for you.

With the release of Expression Web 3.0, the underlying code was changed. Therefore, NONE of the addons for EW 1 or EW 2 will work with Expression Web 3. This includes Spawn. We  HOPE that whenever the first service pack is released or V4 of EW is released, addons will once again work with Expression Web.

Spawn is available for the low price of $5. and you get both versions that will work with Expression Web 1.0 or 2.0. If you purchase Spawn now, you will receive a free upgrade to the EW 3.0 version once it becomes available.

Installing Spawn: Once downloaded (to my desktop where it is easy to find) I clicked on the exe file and the User Account Control for Windows Vista pops up. Once I clicked the Allow button, Spawn installed with no problem. You may have to right click on the exe file and choose Run as Administrator. I also had no trouble running Expression Web 2.0 once the addon was installed. Again, if you do have a problem, you may have to run Expression Web 2.0 as an administrator the first time.  If you do not have a shortcut for the EW 2.0 on your desktop, the path to the program file is under Windows Vista Ultimate is C: > Program Files > Microsoft Expression > Web 2 > WebDesigner > Exprwd.exe

Launching Spawn:  Once you have installed Spawn, you will find a Jimco Software menu item on the Insert menu in Expression Web 2.0. When you hover over it, you’ll see a menu of any of the Jimco Software add-ins that you have installed. Select Spawn Popup from the menu (shown below) to open Spawn.


Once Spawn has been launched, the only information you are required to enter in order to create a Spawn popup is:

  • The URL for the popup (what you want to appear in the popup window)
  • The size of the popup window

Any additional information you choose to add is optional. Once you click ‘Add PopUp’ the javascript code will be added to your page. You can preview your new popup by choosing File > Preview in Browser and clicking on the link for your pop. Jim also provides a ‘Help” file available from within Spawn.

Spawn is an inexpensive $5., easy to use program that takes much of the work out of creating javascript popup windows for you webpages. Spawn is available from JimcoSoftware. And remember, when the upgrade of Spawn for Expression Web 3.0 is available, it is a free upgrade tor those who have purchased the program.

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