Site Redesign Winners

A few weeks ago, Cheryl Wise offered to redesign one page of a site you could submit to Site Makeover Week. The offer was advertised on a number of mailing lists and groups. It was surprising to me that not more folks took advantage of this offer. The sites chosen were:

Redesign Day 1

Site: Johnson Space Center Astronomical Society


Write UpRedesign Day 1

Redesign–Day 2

Site: John McGhie (This is a copy of the original site as John has already implemented the changes suggested.

Redesign: John McGhie

Write UpRedesign–Day 2

Redesign–Day 3

Site: The Alamance County Genealogical Society


Write UpRedesign–Day 3

Redesign–Day 4

Site: Elko-Lander-Eureka County Library System  in case the original is made over either using our redesign or another here is the original.


Write UpRedesign–Day 4

Redesign Day 5

Site: TADA Productions

Redesign: Finished version with slideshow

Write UpRedesign Day 5

Redesign Day 6

Site: Foster, Colenso, Drummond, Leeman and Ussher 

Write Up: Redesign Day 6

Redesign–Day 7

Site: Need Help 4 MAC

RedesignNeed Help 4 MAC (Redesign has already been implemented)

Write UpRedesign–Day 7

It will be interesting to see how many of the sites submitted take advantage of the suggestions Cheryl made and actually implement the redesign. So far, only two sites have.

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