ProjectSeven and Expression Web

ProjectSeven has been a longtime provider of  Dreamweaver Menus, CSS Templates, Widgets, Slide Shows, Tooltips, and More. None of these will work with Expression Web! Last night I was chatting with two friends, only one of whom uses DreamWeaver so she can take advantage of these helpful applications, and we decided to send an email to the folks at ProjectSeven to see if they would consider developing some or all of these for Expression Web. With the new extensibility model available with Expression Web 4, we hope they might be willing to consider this.

As a long time user of Eric Meyer’s CSS Sculptor for Expression Web which is no longer available and only works with the early versions of EW, I was particularly interested in CSS Page Builder Magic.

Enjoy equal height columns, round corners, shadows, the ability to customize the color of any element—without editing a single image!

The more I read about the program, the more I knew I WANTED it for Expression Web. The one program they do offer that does not require DreamWeaver is CSS Express Drop-Down Menus. This is one I have used quite often and recommend for those who may need a single level dropdown menu.

Visit the ProjectSeven site and take a look at all of the products they offer. Would you like to see them available for use with Expression Web? If after you have spent some time looking around and wishing as I did, take the time to write to the folks and see if they would be willing to develop some of those same extensions for Expression Web as they have for DreamWeaver.  The email is


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