Prerequisites for Using Microsoft Expression Web

Microsoft Expression Web is a professional Web design tool that is designed for creating standards-based Web sites. In order for Web designers to be productive with Expression Web, the capabilities of the product must be understood and specific skills must be acquired.

For those of you who are moving from FrontPage to using Expression Web this is a MUST READ article from Microsoft. If you are just thinking about moving to using Expression Web or have just started new with the program this is a MUST READ article.

Prerequisites for Using Microsoft Expression Web answers the following questions:

  • Is Expression Web a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) tool?
  • Is Expression Web the same as Microsoft FrontPage? Is it a replacement for FrontPage?
  • Can I use FrontPage Server Extensions and still get point-and-click design elements without learning new design technologies?
  • What skills do I need in order to use Expression Web? Do I need to be a professional Web designer?
  • How can I acquire the skills I need to use Expression Web?

Pay particular attention to the resources listed as the answer to the last question. They will say you a world of frustration in trying to work with the program.  Read Prerequisites for Using Microsoft Expression Web.

Additional HTML Resources:

Additional CSS Resources:

Additional Expression Web Resources: