New Fix for Licensing and Activation Issues with Expression Web 4

Microsoft has just released a fix for licensing and activation issues that crop up with Expression Web 4. Some of the symptoms of licensing and/or activation issues may include:

  • Expression Web 4 reverts to trial mode.
  • You receive a message that states that the product key is invalid.
  • The product key is not accepted during the Expression Web 4 installation process.
  • You receive a message that states that Expression Web 4 was already activated with the product key.

If you are experiencing any problems such as this, the fix Microsoft has released should resolve the issue. For additional details and to download the fix go to:;en-US;2635101

To download the fix, click the “View and request hotfix downloads” hyperlink at the beginning of the article. You will first have to accept the Terms & Conditions BEFORE being directed to the download page.

Screenshot Expression Web fix download link.

Download link.

This fix is only for Expression Web 4. If you are encounter a licensing or activation issue with another Expression Studio product, you will need to open a support case with Microsoft to get that issue resolved. To open a support ticket with Microsoft see Forum FAQ and Guidelines – Start Here and scroll down to the 3rd bold-faced item which states, in part:

If you are having a problem with Expression Web activation or if the product will not accept your product key, you may have a corrupt license store. That problem often cannot be resolved without the assistance of Microsoft Consumer Technical Support. For these issues, you can open a case with us using the steps outlined above. There will be no charge for these cases. Using any other method to contact Microsoft will not get you to the right group. Please contact us using the method outlined above.

If you download the patch and you receive an error that Web_en.msi could not be located, please download the “FullFile” version of the fix and install it on top of your existing installation. This will upgrade your existing installation of Expression Web 4 to SP2a which includes the fix. See the download link listed above.


  1. Alice Hammond says:

    Microsoft Expression Studio is a suite of tools for designing and building web and
    Some editions of Expression Studio also include product activation.

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