Mobile-Friendly Responsive Template

Ian Haynes has just added this Mobile-Friendly Responsive Template to the Expression Web Gallery. It is available for FREE download. The template is a ‘mobile friendly’ layout using HTML5 plus CSS3 and ‘responsive design’. It also has a ‘sticky footer’ that stays at the bottom of the browser window on pages with limited content.

The layout is simple but Ian gives you suggestions for personalizing it to meet YOUR needs. Even though the template uses HTML5 and CSS3 it is backwards compatible and has been thoroughly tested on the majority of desktop and mobile browsers, from IE6 upwards.

You need to see the Read me section included BEFORE attempting to use the template. The template is for Intermediate to Advanced users of Expression Web.

You can download the Mobile-Friendly Responsive Template from the Microsoft Gallery.


Screenshot Mobile-Friendly Template Destop View

creenshot Mobile-Friendly Template Destop View

Since I do not have an iPhone or mobile phone, I used a test site to render the mobile-friendly template.

Screenshot of Iphone Simulation of Mobile-Friendly Template.

Screenshot of Iphone Simulation of Mobile-Friendly Template.

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