MIX 2009 and Expression Web

Wondering about the future of Expression Web? The MIX conference is a gathering of  designers and developers who will be meeting for the fourth year in Las Vegas March 18-20. One of the sessions Microsoft Expression: No Platform Left Behind will be presented by Steve Guttman and Tyler Simpson. Steve is the Product Unit Manager for Expression Web.

Come learn how to use Expression Web to build resilient standards-based sites for use across a wide range of browsers and platforms. Hear about the current version of Expression Web and also some sneak peeks at future work that will make creating great sites even easier for designers. With a focus on workflow, you will also see how well Expression Web integrates with ASP.NET and PHP.

Anna Ulrich, on the Expression Web Team Blog, indicates Version 3 is in the development stage. She advises:

Keep an eye on this blog and also the product site at microsoft.com/expression for the latest news. When there’s information we can share, these will be the first places with that information. Also, keep an eye on http://2009.visitmix.com/ for recordings of sessions from the 2009 conference which occurs next week…there may be some sneak peaks.

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