How to make a subfolder the main folder for your BlueHost main domain

I recently moved my hosting to BlueHost and have been very happy with both the tech support and their services.  BlueHost allows you to host multiple domains with the one account. The main domain on the hosting account uses the public_html folder for all of its Web site files. Any addon domains use subfolders inside the public_html folder. When your viewer types in the url or clicks on a link to the url, that viewer is directed to the domain and sees the url in the address bar. No problem so far.

I use Expression Web as my web editor and publish using the ftp facility from within the program in most cases. I had been using Filezilla to publish to the main domain as there are two of us who maintain the site. Imagine my surprise the first time I used the ftp client from within Expression Web to have the program compare the domain I was publishing to ALL the folders for every domain within the public_html directory. Read the full tutorial

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