How to Clear Your Browser’s Cache

On one of the many mailing lists I participate in recently had a question on how to clear your browser cache.  In looking for a clear explanation that covered ALL browsers, I found wikiHow which gave the following information and instructions for many of the browers used today and older versions as well.

Every web browser stores web pages, images, cookies, and other downloaded content on the computer. This is called the browser’s cache. Clearing it occasionally or regularly can protect your privacy and free up some space in your computer. Since every browser is different, the following sections will outline the steps involved in clearing the cache for several popular web browsers.

Remember, when you have a question, Google is your friend. Many answers to questions and/or problems can be found by typing your questions or problem into that little Search box.


  1. Normally it’s just Ctrl + Shift + del, then the options come out. But if that doesn’t work, check the settings of the browser usually under “privacy” or if you’re using Chrome it’s on “under the hood”.

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