FPCleaner for Expression Web 3.0

With the release of Service pak 1 for Expression Web 3.0, the ability to use addons is now back. All we need is for the developers to get them ready for us to use. One staple of my tools for FrontPage and Expression Web has been Steve Easton’s FP Cleaner. Steve has just released an updated version that works with EW 3.0 as a stand-along program.

FPCleaner for Expression Web 3.0

FP Cleaner for Expression Web 3.
Expression Web 3 Cleanup Utility

FP Cleaner does not require installation and will run from the desktop. The program will run on any computer that runs Windows 95 and newer and with any operating system including Windows Vista and Windows 7. In other words, if your computer can run Expression Web, then it can run FPCleaner for EW.

You can download FPCleaner from http://www.95isalive.com/fixes/ew3.htm

What Do the Buttons Do?

  • The top button ‘Restore Default Menus and Toolbars‘ is not available as the ability to customize the toolbars is not available in EW 3.
  • Change the ‘Last Web Open Setting‘  allows you to change that setting to ensure the program is not trying to open a web when it starts. This can be useful if you have EW is set to open the last web edited and that web has a problem.
  • Clear the Hidden Temporary Files‘  checks for the location of the hidden Temporary directory for the logged on User, if the directory exists, pressing this button clears it and moves the files to the Recycle Bin. Files left behind in these directories by an improper computer or program shut down will cause problems when trying to open,  save, and/or  edit pages on your web site.
  • ‘Clear the Hidden Web Cache files (*.web)’ – There is a .web file for each of your webs and if these files become corrupted, you may encounter problems opening or closing your web. Clicking this button deletes these files and forces creation of new clean files when each web is opened or published.
  • Clear the Find/Replace MRU List‘  clears the Most Recently Used ( MRU ) list of Find/Replace entries
  • Clicking ‘Start‘ will Launch Expression Web 3.
  • Clicking ‘Close‘  closes FP Cleaner for Expression Web 3 without starting the program.

This is one tool I could not be without. Thank you Steve for making it available. Did I mention it is F REE? Download it from http://www.95isalive.com/fixes/ew3.htm


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