Expressions Web 4 and Windows 8 Problems

Recently, on one of the Expression Web groups, the question came up as to problems running Expression Web 4 on a Windows 8 system and how to fix them. This suggestion recently appeared on the Expression Web and SuperPreview forum as to how one person fixed the problem. You will need to scroll down to see Congregatio’s reply on Sunday, August 18, 2013 7:05 AM (bottom of the thread). It provides a step-by-step process for resolving EW4 issues on Win8.

Windows 8 is a slick application, look around and see what’s built in before panicking. Anyway….
NOTE: I do not have a Windows 8 system to try this out which is why there are no screenshots included. If anyone does try it out and has screenshots to share, I would be glad to add them to the page.

  1. From right slider access Settings (cog icon)
  2. Menu changes – Select Control Panel
  3. menu appears in new window – under ‘System and Security’ select Find and Fix problems (very badly named, no wonder no one found it!!!)
  4. menu changes – under Programs title – select Run programs made for previous versions of windows
  5. menu changes – select  Program Compatibility Troubleshooter
  6. menu pops up click next
  7. windows will then list all your programs. Scroll down and select Microsoft Expression Web 4 then click next
  8. Click Try recommended settings
  9. Click Test the program…
  10. User account warning pop up will appear – click Yes
  11. Windows 8 then trys the software in a number of start up states, WE will start up.  Once done select next
  12. Menu changee – select Yes, save these settings for this program
  13. You will then get a new menu which denotes Issues found: Incompatibility program.  Windows 8 now recognizes the issue and runs the work around every time.

You can read the entire discussion on the Expression Web and SuperPreview forum Expressions Web 4 and Windows 8 Problems.