Expression Web Video Tutorials

Cheryl Wise of produces some of the BEST video tutorials on Expression Web. Are they on the endangered species list? Cheryl posts on her blog:

I’m considering pulling all of the free tutorials on this site since most of the comments I’m getting are complaints about downloading.

I’ve had a few comments posted on my tutorials, primarily the Building a Basic Website in Expression Web tutorial that indicate some people have had problems with viewing or downloading the tutorials. The latest ones have been quite rude and frankly, I don’t appreciate comments like “get a real host”.

One of the first tutorials I recommend to new users of Expression Web is her Building a Basic Website in Expression Web. The tutorials are large – 1 hour 20 minutes for the full version (122.7mb) and 18-30 minutes for each of the four parts. Unless you are on a really fast connection expect it to take a few minutes to start.  That takes a lot of bandwidth and a large amount of server space.  None of this is free. Instead of thank-yous for providing this service, she is getting complaints on the amount of time it takes. I for one, would hate to see this resource disappear.

Link updated October 16, 2011.

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