Expression Web Tutorials by Cheryl Wise

Cheryl Wise was one of the first to offer tutorials on using Expression Web. Her Basic Website Video Tutorial while done using an earlier version of the software, remains an excellent resource. She is in the process of creating a new Basic Website Video Tutorial that will show you how to create the website shown below. Since it may take some time to get them all recorded and edited she will be creating text based tutorials using each script and screenshots.

Her first in a new series of beginner tutorials for Expression Web 4 is now available:

Check back often as I will list the new tutorials as they become available.

For Expression Web support, visit Cheryl’s user friendly forum: Expression Web Forum


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  2. Hi, I’m rather new at all this so found your tutorial very helpful. I really like the visuals.

  3. I have just switched over to EW3. After struggling to recreate my site, I finally tried to publish it. OK, now you are wondering what is significant about that. Well here is the answer.

    Front page was easy to publish because it put all of the files in the correct place, the site rendered properly and that was the end. And, cause for a celebration.

    Now to EW3. During the learning process, I read many articles and bought two reference books. One of the key things that I must have overlooked was having to decide (myself) how and where to place the style sheet file. I now know that it must be placed in the “root” directory. NOBODY mentions that.

    Fortunately, I emailed Cheryl and she provided that information. None of the “publishing” videos that I watched pointed that out.

    However, I do realize that being just a “user” more experienced and knowledgeable experts always leave out the most basic and simple steps.

    • The only time I remember this question coming up is when images are used that are NOT located in the actual website created. Once you create your website and start creating the pages, I believe when you save the pages they are saved to the root directory of that website. You can browse to another location within the site to a folder which is where I save my style sheets. I believe it is the same with frontpage, all of the pages are created within the folder for that particular website.

      By the way, you may want to upgrade to EW4SP21 which is now available for free download. While the actual file still says trial it is the full version with quite a number of bug fixes from EW3.

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