Expression Web “in box” Templates

Expression Web comes with a series of “in box” templates that you can use to get started with. If you go to

Expression Web 1.0 and 2.0: File > New > Web Site > Templates

Expression Web 3.0 and 4.0:  Site > New Site > Templates

You are then presented with a list of templates to choose from with a Preview of what it will look like. Make your choice and the site will be created for you. Click on thumbnail for larger image.

Screenshot File  New  Web Site Template.

Using Personal 4 as an example, the website is created where you have specified on your computer and the following files/folders are created. Click thumbnail for a larger image.

Default in-box template organization

about_me (folder)
contact (folder)
images (folder)
links (folder)
resume (folder)
photo_gallery (folder)
styles (folder)

The styles folder contains the various style sheets you can use with the master.dwt. I would leave that folder as is. With the exception of the about_me and resume folder, each of the other folders contains only one page.

My suggestion for using this setup would be to move all of the images to the image folder and move the pages within the folder to the root directory with the default.html page. NOTE: In Expression Web 3.0, the page within each folder is named default.html. This means that you will need to rename the page itself BEFORE moving it into the root directory.

If you intend to use the photo gallery, then leave that folder as is. At the same time, I rename the default.html to index.html. (Use the name for the file that your server requires.)

Your website folder/file system should now look something like this. Click thumbnail for a larger image.

Screenshot of reorganized file/folders.

Your newly reorganized website is now ready to work with.

Any of the pages/ folder that you do not need can be deleted BUT remember the links to those pages are not removed if you delete the page/folder. The menu itself is a list and is part of the master.dwt. Edit the list to change or add links.

You may find the menu either to work with by making it an include page. If you need more detailed instructions, read Expression Web and Design Time Includes


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    This sounds like a great way to get out a website quickly but you would need to know html to edit it further and make more pages and so on. I used to build html websites and now I just use WordPress. I like to save time…

    Your option would be good for sales pages though. WordPress is not good for that.

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  4. I have move all of the images to the image folder and move the pages within the folder to the root directory with the default.Thank you for your tips~

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  10. Hi Patricia – I really find your post useful. I personally like Expression Web 3.0 since they already have templates that I can choose from. I’m not a techie person so you really helped me a lot to set it up. I will try your tips to reorganize my website. Thanks!

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    Also I just wanted to know what if I wanted to build a mobile based website. Are there any templates that could be used for websites supported across mobile platforms.

  17. I have just started work on a series of mobile friendly templates but they are not yet ready for prime time. See this post Mobile Friendly Responsive Template The template is by Ian Haynes and available for download at the Microsoft Gallery.

  18. Gabriella Stage says:

    Hi Patricia,
    I have read your article “Mobile Friendly Responsive Template” as you suggested here for mobile friendly templates. Ian has surely done very nice work but for me its not working. I tested these templates on my android phones but there is some glitch in it, its just not that fine as I expected.
    Anyways your articles are so good informative and helpful.

    Thank You,
    Gabriella Stage

  19. Gabriella, what does not work on the template? The one I wrote about is one offered by Ian Haynes and is available from the Microsoft Gallery . There is a section you can comment and ask questions or make comments.

    I have just added a series of Mobile Friendly Templates that use a slightly different take than Ian did. You might like to give them a try. They are heavily commented and there are a number of tutorials devoted to working with them. They are slightly more advanced as they use some CSS3 and media queries to detect the mobile device.

  20. Will these templates with one or two page sites also? I have a Blog where there can be two types of writings one on travel and other on technology. How can I use the templates there?

    • These templates are NOT intended to be used with a blog. And yes they will work with a large site or a small site. Just remove the pages you don’t need. Make sure you remove all reference to those pages.

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