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If you are on Facebook, you might be interested in a new group Tina Clarke and I just started  Expression Web group on Facebook.

In this new economy where everyone is trying to “stretch the dollar” and more folks are in to “do-it-yourself” for lots of things including building and maintaining their websites, it pays to learn as much as you can about your web editing program (Expression Web) and web design in general.

Lately all Expression Web and design groups don’t seem to be attracting the questions they once did, however, there are still the same amount of people out there struggling to find help with the things they need to do. Other things that are important for your website whether it is a hobby or business site include SEO (search engine optimization), accessibility, and the newest social media. Then you need to learn how to market your site.

If you are already spending time on Facbook and are using Expression Web (any version) or even FrontPage, come join us at

Tina and have some some new projects in the works, so watch for them coming soon.

Pat and Tina


  1. I need help !
    As you can see from the html code on my Web I’m streaming a video with VLC, but the problem is that I can not play the video on IE at all.
    What is wrong in may code ?

    thanks for your Help


  2. Hi, we have a new blog going up in the next week which will be featuring articles on website development. Would you be interested in allowing us to feature some of your articles, with of course a link back?

  3. I just chechek you Facebook group and I am so happy to discover your useful tips abou websites.You won a subscriber.Keep up the good work!

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