Expression Web and FrontPage Shared Borders

Shared Borders was a feature of Microsoft FrontPage that allowed you to include duplicated content on all the pages of your site. You could edit the top, bottom, left, and/or right border in one location and have the change replicated throughout your site. The shared border feature was used for such things as navigation, copyright notices, your company logo, contact information to name a few. The shared borders surrounded the main content of the page and could be turned off if so desired.

Shared borders were deprecated in FrontPage 2003 and replaced by a dynamic web template (DWT) and include pages. The shared borders feature does NOT exist in Expression Web, but you can still edit existing pages with FrontPage shared borders applied. At least you could with Expression Web versions 1, 2, and 3. Expression Web 4.0 does NOT support shared borders and will destroy any of your websites that are using shared borders if you open that site in Expression Web. 4.0.

Fellow MVP, Ron  Symonds, has written a detailed discussion on How Expression Web 4 treats Shared Borders. Before you open your shared border website in Expression Web, you need to read his discussion.

Better yet, remove the shared borders as one of the steps in migrating your FrontPage site to a more standards compliant website. You can either use FrontPage to remove the shared borders OR use a find and replace utility.


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