Expression Web 4.0

As of December 20, 2012, Expression Web 4 is available as a FREE download. See Expression Web 4 is FREE for more details.

Expression Studio Web ProfessionalExpression Studio 4.0 was launched at Internet Week in NYC on June 7th. If you have already purchased Expression Studio 3.0 or Expression Web 3.0 you are entitled to a FREE upgrade.

How does the free upgrade work?

The Expression Web 4 free upgrade is only available for users who have purchased the retail version of Expression Web 3 (e.g., from DigitalRiver, from the Microsoft Store, a retail box copy, etc.). In that case, you can download and install the  trial of the version 4 product and the version 4 setup should handle the licensing for you, as it should retrieve the license from the Windows license store.

If you have any other version (e.g., a volume license copy, MSDN, DreamSpark, etc.), the free upgrade is NOT available. You will either need to either buy a copy of version 4 or will need to acquire version 4  through your original source as it becomes available there. It is already posted at MSDN.

How to tell which version I have

If you need to check  whether your copy of Expression Web 3 is eligible for the free upgrade, choose Help > About Microsoft Expression Web and look at the product ID number. It should be form of a 5-digit number, a dash, a 3-digit number, a dash, etc. If that 3-digit number is 617, you are eligible for the free upgrade. Otherwise, you are not.

Once you have installed and activated upgrade version, you can check to see that is is a fully licensed version by again selecting Help > About Microsoft Expression Web. You should see about the Product Code “This is a fully licensed copy.”

Screenshot licensed copy Expression Web 4.


Expression Web 4 can be licensed and activated on, at the most, two systems, e.g., a laptop and a desktop. If you need to reinstall on one of those systems, e.g., because you reinstalled Windows, you should be able to reinstall Expression Web 4 and reactivate at that time.

Reinstalling Expression Web 4

If you took advantage of the free upgrade from version 3 to version 4, save your copy of version 3! If you need to reinstall version 4, after you have reformatted your computer, for example, you will need to first install and license version 3, then install version 4. If you have not reformatted  your computer but just need to reinstall version 4, you should not have any problem, as the version 3 license will still be in the Windows license store even if you had previously uninstalled version 3.

What’s new in Expression Web

  • The Microsoft Expression Web SuperPreview online service is a beta service that extends the capability of SuperPreview to include support for additional browsers and operating systems.
  • The SEO Checker feature of Expression Web analyzes your site against the best practices for getting the highest possible search-engine rankings for your site.

Release Notes

Download Expression Web 4.0 Trial

Watch for upcoming tutorials and more information on this new release.


  1. Dan Gulino says:

    I have Expression Web 3 with the ‘617’ in the product license. I downloaded and installed the EW 4 trial version, which I thought would give me a “fully licensed copy” of it. But when I check “Help – About”, I see “This is a Free Copy.” Why didn’t I get the licensed version?

    Thank you.

  2. Dan Gulino says:

    To follow up, I searched under “activate” in the Help section, and it says that, to activate the product, click on “Activate Product” on the help menu. “Activate Product” does not appear on my help menu drop-down list. So I have a trial version that I cannot activate?

  3. Expression Web is now free and there is no need to activate it. Although the download says trial it is the FULL version. The free upgrade is no longer available since EW4 is now free to everyone.

    • Dan Gulino says:

      Wow. Thank you. I would have thought that, in all my google-searching about this issue, I would have come across a mention that EW 4 is a free download.

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