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Expression Studio 3 due to be launched on July 10th. Expression Web 3.0 will be a part of that release. Information on the program is slow in appearing. What will be the look and feel of EW 3.0? Should you upgrade to the newest release? If you are using any of the Expression Web addons, will they continue to work with the newest version?

According to Justin Harrison a program manager at Microsoft for Expression Web in response to a post on Expression Web 3.0 insights

Add-ins have never worked between Expression Web versions (Macros are a different story). This means that if you purchased an add-in for Expression Web 1, it didn’t work in 2. Likewise, any Expression Web 2 add-ins will not work in Expression Web 3. It’s up to the add-in author to release an update to their add-ins for Expression Web 3. This has always been the case.

Steve Guttman who manages the Expression Web product team says of the Expression Web UI (User Interface)

With respect to the interface of Expression Web and the Expression products–our objective is to unify the Expression applications under a single UI framework. As you can imagine, with a program having a lot of native, Win32 code, it’s a challenge to port that code base to a new UI paragidm. Expression Web 3 is our first, significant step in that direction. As folks have noted, SuperPreview (as it was written from scratch), uses the Blend UI framework. The Expression Web 3 UI uses significant parts of this framework to achieve it’s look and feel. All the new features (Insert Silverlight, Silverlight Video, Deep Zoom) are built with the Blend framework (you can tell by the dialogs). However, there are still quite a few remaining Win32 dialogs. These will be ported in future versions of the application until Expression Web is fully integrated into the framework.

Somasegar’s Weblog’s post on Expression Web 3 gives us more insights into the program.

Earlier this year at MIX ’09, we released a preview of Expression Web SuperPreview for Internet Explorer.  This is a tool that helps web designers diagnose page layout problems across multiple browsers. SuperPreview will be released as a feature of Expression Web 3, and SuperPreview for Internet Explorer will be available as a free download.

What is the difference in the two versions of SuperPreview? SuperPreview that comes as part of Expression Web 3.0 shows what a web page looks like in multiple browsers, including IE6, IE7, IE8 and Firefox 3. SuperPreview for Internet Explorer will be a free download but will allow you to see how the page looks only in Internet Explorer’s various versions.

Anna Ulrich, a member of the Expression Web team said in the Microsoft Expression Web forum thread “a little more on v3”…/46f0a6b9-8412-41ba-bbe4-12efd4f71e73:

….the team has invested a lot in improving the publishing features and FTP speed for v3. The text selection bug has been fixed but won’t be available in time for v3. But it will be provided as a free service pack for v3 which is currently scheduled for later this year after v3 has released. The schedule could slip but that’s the current plan.

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

According to the Expression Web Team:

Unfortunately Expression Web 3 does not let you create custom keyboard shortcuts, but this is something that we are receptive towards for future versions.

User Interface Colors

According to the Expression Web Team:

Expression Web 3 follows the same look and feel found throughout Expression Studio. This consistent, uniform interface is new for Expression Web 3 and does not let you change the colors in the interface.

You may find that it offers slightly less customizability than previous versions of Expression Web, at the expense of some new functionality that we have added, like a new Panel and Panel docking system.

We understand that customizability is very important to our customers, and we certainly hear loud and clear that this is something that we should invest in for future releases of Expression Web.

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