Expression Web 3.0 Service Pack 2

Microsoft has announced the release of Service Pack 2 for Expression Web 3.0. You can install this Service Pack if you have Expression Web 3.0 or EW 3.0 with Service Pack 1 installed on your computer. Expression Web 3 Service Pack 2 (SP2) is now  live on the Microsoft Download Center.  Expression Web 3 Service Pack 2 (SP2) is available for download here.

For more details check the Microsoft Knowledge Base article Description of Expression Web 3 Service Pack 2.

More Information

Issues resolved in this service pack

  • When editing PHP, files you may have been asked to update related hyperlinks on the page. If you did so, some PHP tags may have been removed. PHP tags are no longer removed when you update related hyperlinks.
  • When you renamed a PDF file from the Folder List, the PDF file became corrupted and could not be opened. PDF files now save normally.
  • Expression Web 3 would crash if the list-style-image property was used in a CSS file. Using the list-style-image property in a CSS file no longer causes Expression Web to crash.
  • SuperPreview sometimes crashed while launching because of a problem that occurred when locating Firefox on your computer. SuperPreview no longer crashes while locating Firefox.

Improvements provided by this service pack

  • SuperPreview now supports Firefox 3.6. If Firefox 3.6 is installed on your computer, then it should be available in SuperPreview.

Upgrade to Expression Web 3 – Get Expression Web 4 for FREE

If you have not yet upgraded from Expression Web versions 1 or 2 to Expression Web 3.0, you might be interested in knowing that Microsoft has announced that all current owners of Expression Web 3.0 will receive a FREE upgrade to Expression Web 4.0 WHEN IT IS RELEASED. No date for this has been announced as yet.

Expression Web 3.0 Easter Giveaway

If you don’t already have Expression Web 3.0 , you can download our Expression Web Community Toolbar, and enter our Expression Web Easter Giveaway which will give you a chance to win  a full version of Expression Web 3.0 as well as some other great prizes.  The Easter Giveaway offer ends April 30th.

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