Expression Web 3 FTP Publishing

Chris Leeds, Microsoft MVP has contributed an in depth article to this months Expression Web Newsletter on FTP Publishing with Expression Web 3.

With the release of Expression Studio 3 at hand, it is a great time to start getting into some of the changes you’ll find in Expression Web. Some of the most significant changes are in the FTP publishing features. Not only has it been changed from a standpoint of how a user accesses it, but its default behavior and underpinnings have been changed radically, for the better.

He takes you through the process step-by-step with plenty of screen shots. You can read Expression Web 3 FTP Publishing in its entirety and sign up for the newsletter.

Chris is the author of  Expression Web Step by Step (Microsoft Press) and Expression Web 2 Step by Step (Microsoft Press). Both books can be purchased through Chis is also the developer of ContentSeed, an easy to use CMS that works with every editor INCLUDING Expression Web.

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