Expression Web 3.0 Easter Giveaway

We’re having a drawing to celebrate Easter and Spring! You can enter starting today (March 12th) until April 30th 2010 when the drawing will be held. We will be giving away the following:

What do you have to do to win a prize in our Easter Giveaway? Simply download and install the Expression Web Community Toolbar and make note of the giveaway code in the marquee. Then when you have done so, fill in the form with your Name, email address, the marquee code and your site url and we will enter you into the drawing for the giveaway. Plus we will list your link (if you are a prize winner) on our website at the end of the giveaway. ONLY ONE ENTRY PER PERSON WILL BE ACCEPTED.

And for a little extra fun and a chance to win a special prize, look for our little Easter bunny and egg which is located on our Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web site.  One lucky winner will be able to enjoy this essential search engine optimization toolbar. The prize will be matched to the winner’s version of Expression Web. The SEO Toolbar is available for all versions of Expression Web.  This prize courtesy of Dennis DeRobertis.

To find out all of the details visit Expression Web 3.0 Easter Giveaway and enter now. And remember to look for our bunny with his egg to be entered to win the special prize.


  1. Easter-EW1 Yippeee! I’ve won first prize… This is my first website so I NEED this guys! (cmon.. I’ve only got publisher and it’s deprecated now sniff sniff)

  2. Ah! No wonder I never win anything Patricia! It’s taken me two months to spot your reply… I was busy 🙂 (I think) So I had to fill in a form hmmm….. may take me another 3 months to find that.

  3. George, you must have filled it in at some time cause I am pretty sure you were in the drawing.

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