Expression 2.0 50% OFF – US ONLY

Microsoft is running a second special 50% off promotion on Microsoft Expression 2 that will run for a very short time frame starting today, July 1st. For this limited time, there is a 50% off discount on ALL Microsoft Expression 2 skus through the new Microsoft Online Store. *This is US Only* This includes the following products:

  • Expression Web 2.0 Upgrade $49.95
  • Expression Blend 2.0 Upgrade $49.95
  • Expression Studio 2.0 Upgrade $174.95
  • Expression Media 2.0 Upgrade  $49.95

The upgrade is available to qualifying owners of any of the following:

  • A licensed copy of an earlier version of Expression Web
  • Adobe Creative Suite (any version)
  • Adobe/Macromedia Flash or Director (any version)
  • Adobe/Macromedia Dreamweaver (any version)
  • Adobe GoLive (any version)
  • Microsoft Office (any version)
  • Microsoft FrontPage (any version)
  • Quark QuarkXPress (any version)

So if you have been wanting to upgrade from FrontPage to the Expression Web and create modern, standards-based site, NOW is the time to do it and get a 50% discount. That is enough savings so that you could purchase either the Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web EBook which is also on sale for $22. and/or Eric Meyer’s CSS Sculptor for Expression Web which is on sale thru July 5th for $39.99.

Expression 2.0 50% OFF SALE

Expression 2.0 50% OFF SALE

You might also want to read Cheryl Wise’s recent post on her blog Expression v3 what is known. FYI- purchasing a copy of Expression 2.o now will enable folks to get Expression 3 at upgrade pricing whenever 3.0 comes out. There will NOT be a free upgrade/grace period option.

The Microsoft UK Store is also running a SALE with 40% off Expression products. BOTH SALES are for a limited time only!

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