Customer Feedback for Microsoft Expression Web

The current version of Expression Web is version 4. Are there new features you would like to see in future versions? Or are some of your favorite features missing from the current version? Now YOU have the opportunity to let the Expression Web team know what features you would most like to have.

The Expression Web team has set up a site on User Voice where you can vote on some of the features already listed and/or add your own “wish list” features. Some of the features most wished for are:

  1. Customize dialog box where you can really add a custom toolbar with commands and options. Not the current add-in which is really just a favorites toolbar.
  2. CSS layout generator perhaps on the order of the add-in that was available for EW 1 and 2 – CSS Sculptor.
  3. CSS menu widget
  4. Support for server-side-includes.
  5. Photo Gallery
  6. Forms control

These are just a few of  items on the “wish list.” Now you have the opportunity to be heard and tell MS what you would like to see in future versions of Expression Web. You can vote on the features as well as add comments. So head on over to and add your voice to the Expression Web community.


  1. cutiepink says:

    you make it sound so easy!!! having to integrate all these things…but breaking it down makes it as simple as you describe it…Thank you:D

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