CSS3 vendor specific snippets for xWeb V4 SP2

Ian Haynes has just added some new and updated snippets to the Expression Web Gallery. The standard snippets in SP2 have styles that include some of the vendor-specific properties. You may find it more useful to have the style properties available as snippets so that you can add them to your own class style rules.

This collection of snippets gives the vendor-specific properties for several of the most useful CSS3 styles including box-radius and box-shadow

Note: CSS3 styles are NOT supported by all browsers so you should test them with your pages to make sure they degrade gracefully.

Download CSS3 vendor specific snippets for xWeb V4 SP2 from the Expression Gallery. Installation instructions are also available.

Screenshot Snippets Panel.

CSS3 Snippets

If you would like to download a template that uses some of these CSS3 style rules and experiment with it see Tor House Site Template.

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