CSS3 Horizontal Menu

Cheryl Wise, is the author of the popular and highly recommended Basic Website Tutorial  that walks you through creating a website within Expression Web from images and a Word doc through a completed page layout and the creation of DWT for additional pages. Cheryl has just posted a new tutorial on creating a CSS3 Horizontal Menu using Expression Web. The tutorial is written for EW version 4 but you can use earlier versions you will just have to work directly with the css file for some parts.

The tutorial gives you step-by-step instructions and provides the sample files you will need to create the menu. Besides the basic menu, she gives you the extra steps needed to give it more zing.

Screenshot CSS3 Horizontal Menu.

CSS# Horizontal Menu

The finished menu

The tutorial for CSS3 Horizontal Menu.

If you have any questions about this tutorial you please ask them in the support forum.

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