CSS Resources

Expression Web is designed to create standards compliant websites which use cascading style sheets and separates content from presentation. In order to use Expression Web, you need to learn at least the basics of both CSS and writing HTML/XHTML code35 Websites To Teach You How To Use CSS Effectively presents a list of many of the ones I have recommended for years. They include:

  1. W3Schools CSS Tutorial Section
  2. HTMLDog – CSS Tutorial Section
  3. CSS-Tricks Tutorials, Articles And Screencasts
  4. Google Videos – CSS
  5. A List Apart – CSS Tutorial Section
  6. RichInStyle CSS Tutorial Section
  7. HTMLGoodies CSS Tutorial Section
  8. CSS-Discuss Wiki Tutorial Section
  9. Positioning Is Everything
  10. Learn CSS Positioning in Ten Steps
  11. 456BereaStreet: The CSS, HTML, and JavaScript Lab
  12. CSSBasics Tutorials
  13. CSS-Play – List of Demonstrations
  14. Tizag CSS Tutorial Section
  15. CSS Help Pile
  16. Holy CSS Zeldman! – CSS, Accessibility and Standards Links
  17. Eric Meyer : CSS Section
  18. Andy Budd Links
  19. CSS Zen Garden
  20. Delicious CSS Tag
  21. MaxDesign CSS Tutorial And Resource Site
  22. CSSEasy Tutorial And Resource Site – includes many layouts that you can use for your own projects.
  23. EchoEcho CSS Tutorial Section
  24. CSS-Discuss Information – a mailing list you can join to discuss aspects of css.
  25. Web Design From Scratch
  26. CSS-Tutorial
  27. CSS Dog Resources And References
  28. Web Developer’s Handbook
  29. CSSDocs CSS Properties
  30. Stylegala CSS Reference Section
  31. CSS 3 reference guide, tutorials, and blog
  32. CSS Cheat Sheet
  33. CSS Property Index – A list of CSS Properties Listed Alphabetically.
  34. Sitepoint CSS Reference
  35. WestCiv CSS Tutorial Section

Some of the resources included are more advanced like the CSS Discuss lists. CSS Zen Garden is just a neat place to go to seeexactly what is possible with CSS – how changing just the style sheet totally changes the look of a site. If you are new to using CSS, then start with the basic tutorials and work your way through.

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