Site Redesign Winners

A few weeks ago, Cheryl Wise offered to redesign one page of a site you could submit to Site Makeover Week. The offer was advertised on a number of mailing lists and groups. It was surprising to me that not more folks took advantage of this offer. The sites chosen were:

Redesign Day 1

Site: Johnson Space Center Astronomical Society


Write UpRedesign Day 1

Redesign–Day 2

Site: John McGhie (This is a copy of the original site as John has already implemented the changes suggested.

Redesign: John McGhie

Write UpRedesign–Day 2

Redesign–Day 3

Site: The Alamance County Genealogical Society


Write UpRedesign–Day 3

Redesign–Day 4

Site: Elko-Lander-Eureka County Library System  in case the original is made over either using our redesign or another here is the original.


Write UpRedesign–Day 4

Redesign Day 5

Site: TADA Productions

Redesign: Finished version with slideshow

Write UpRedesign Day 5

Redesign Day 6

Site: Foster, Colenso, Drummond, Leeman and Ussher 

Write Up: Redesign Day 6

Redesign–Day 7

Site: Need Help 4 MAC

RedesignNeed Help 4 MAC (Redesign has already been implemented)

Write UpRedesign–Day 7

It will be interesting to see how many of the sites submitted take advantage of the suggestions Cheryl made and actually implement the redesign. So far, only two sites have.

Microsoft Abandons Expression Web which is now FREE

Expression Web is available FREE!

This announcement appears on the Microsoft site:  Microsoft Expression Changes. While expected by many of us, it is sad that MS is abandoning Expression Web in favor of Visual Studio 2012! From the MS announcement:

The proliferation of rich interactive web applications across the cloud and mobile devices continues to create new opportunities for creative design and development. As these technologies evolve, Microsoft is committed to providing best-in-class tools for building modern applications. In support of these industry trends Microsoft is consolidating our lead design offering — Expression and Visual Studio — to offer all of our customers a unified solution that brings together the best of Web and modern development patterns.

I urge you to read Microsoft Abandons Expression Web and Front End Web Development by Morten Rand-Hendriksen.

Expression Studio 4 Ultimate and Expression Studio 4 Web Professional are no longer available for sale. For customers who previously purchased these products, all components within Ultimate and Web Professional will be supported through their support lifecycle which I believe is:

  •  Expression Web 4 mainstream support until September 8, 2015 and the support end until September 8, 2020

Expression Design 4 and Expression Web 4 are now available for download at no charge. Technical support will NOT be available for these free versions except through the Expression Community.  

You can download the free version of Expression Web here

Download the free version of Expression Design here

While the download indicates it is the trial version, it is a fully functional program NOT the trial version and does contain a couple of bug fixes. One of the bug fixes is that you can now see the editable regions which were grayed out in EW4 SP2 but in EW4 SP2a (the free download) has been fixed.

Blend will be fully integrated with Visual Studio 2012. Blend for Visual Studio 2012 provides a rich design-centric environment for building Windows Store apps and Windows Phone apps. In addition, WPF, Silverlight and SketchFlow support is available today as a preview and will be released in Visual Studio 2012 Update 2.

Frequently Asked Questions (Answers from Microsoft)

What’s the difference between the free and paid versions of Expression Web and Design?

The features and functionality are the same between the free download and paid versions. The key difference is that the free versions are not supported, meaning they come as-is and no Microsoft technical support is available (these products are supported via the community).

How do I get technical support for Expression products?

If you purchased Expression Studio Ultimate, Expression Web Professional or Expression Encoder Pro: you’re eligible for the same support as today via assisted support, self-support, and the community. Support is available on the Expression support webpage.

If you did not purchase Expression Web or Design and are using a free version: these products are supported via the community.

  • Expression Web – Please remember that these folks are VOLUNTEERS and do NOT work for Microsoft.
  • Expression Design – Please remember that these folks are VOLUNTEERS and do NOT work for Microsoft.

I recently purchased Expression Studio 4 Ultimate or Expression Studio 4 Web Professional and would like a refund.

Contact the retailer you purchased it from to see if your purchase is within their return policy. If your purchase is not within the retailer return policy:

I have Expression Studio 4 Ultimate and/or Web Professional through a MSDN, MPN, BizSpark, WebsiteSpark, or DreamSpark subscription. Will the supported versions of the software be available to me?

You will continue to have access to the same software and support for Expression.

Expression SuperPreview Remote Beta will continue running as a service through June 30, 2013.

Regular Expression Queries for Expression Web available FREE

Tina Clarke has authored a series of Expression Web Queries that can be used if you want to clean up an old site and bring it up to today’s web standards. If you have not worked with Expression Web Queries before they can be a real time saver IF you take the time to learn to use them.

The Cleaning Query bundles consist of six sets of queries you can download and add to your Expression Web software. And all of them are FREE! That’s FIFTY THREE cleaning queries or she has made it easy to download them all at once in a Super Bundle.

The TABLE CLEANING BUNDLE consists of 12 Expression Web Queries which will remove the following attributes:

  • align
  • bcolor
  • border
  • bordercolordark
  • bordercolorlight
  • cellpadding
  • cellspacing
  • class
  • height
  • id
  • style
  • width

The CELL TD CLEANING BUNDLE consists of 11 Expression Web Queries which will remove the following attributes *

 The CELL TH CLEANING BUNDLE consists of 11 Expression Web Queries which will remove the following attributes *

  • align*
  • bcolor*
  • bordercolor*
  • bordercolordark*
  • bordercolorlight*
  • class*
  • height*
  • id*
  • style*
  • valign*
  • width*

The BODY CLEANING BUNDLE consists of the following 12 Expression Web Queries which will remove the following attributes:

  • alink
  • background
  • bcolor
  • bottomargin
  • class
  • id
  • link
  • onload
  • style
  • text
  • topmargin
  • vlink

The TEXT TAG CLEANING BUNDLE consists of 5 Expression Web Queries ‘b’, ‘strong’, ‘i’, ’em’ and ‘u’, either removal of ‘b’ and ‘i’ for ‘strong’ and ’em’ or just the removal of ‘i’, ‘b’ and ‘u’.

The MIXED CLEANING BUNDLE consists of 2 Expression Web Queries which include:

  • Font remove tag Query
  • Img remove border Query

You can read more about what each of these Expression Web Queries do and download any or all of the TABLE CLEANING BUNDLES. Best of all they are FREE!

They may also be downloaded from the Expression Web Gallery:

or directly from Tina’s site Any Expression Designs.

Out with the Old, In with the New

Screenshot of the new look for Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web.

The new look for Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web.

Stop by and check out the “new look” at Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web. The site is now distinctly divided into two parts – one for the Migration E-Book and supporting files for the owners of the E-book. The other part of the site is devoted to the Expression Web Default Site Templates. More on that later. And keep your eyes peeled for our “Out With the Old, In With the New” E-Book Sale.

Now would be the perfect time to think about getting rid of that old, badly coded FrontPage site and work on bringing your site up to coding standards. You can download a 60 day trial of Expression Web 4.0 to get started.

If you have never used FrontPage but still have an old badly coded site, perhaps it is time to think about “out with the old, in with the new.” Spend some time learning the basics of CSS and XHTML and tackle a site makeover. We can help. Visit Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web and take a look at some of tutorials and site templates.

New Fix for Licensing and Activation Issues with Expression Web 4

Microsoft has just released a fix for licensing and activation issues that crop up with Expression Web 4. Some of the symptoms of licensing and/or activation issues may include:

  • Expression Web 4 reverts to trial mode.
  • You receive a message that states that the product key is invalid.
  • The product key is not accepted during the Expression Web 4 installation process.
  • You receive a message that states that Expression Web 4 was already activated with the product key.

If you are experiencing any problems such as this, the fix Microsoft has released should resolve the issue. For additional details and to download the fix go to:;en-US;2635101

To download the fix, click the “View and request hotfix downloads” hyperlink at the beginning of the article. You will first have to accept the Terms & Conditions BEFORE being directed to the download page.

Screenshot Expression Web fix download link.

Download link.

This fix is only for Expression Web 4. If you are encounter a licensing or activation issue with another Expression Studio product, you will need to open a support case with Microsoft to get that issue resolved. To open a support ticket with Microsoft see Forum FAQ and Guidelines – Start Here and scroll down to the 3rd bold-faced item which states, in part:

If you are having a problem with Expression Web activation or if the product will not accept your product key, you may have a corrupt license store. That problem often cannot be resolved without the assistance of Microsoft Consumer Technical Support. For these issues, you can open a case with us using the steps outlined above. There will be no charge for these cases. Using any other method to contact Microsoft will not get you to the right group. Please contact us using the method outlined above.

If you download the patch and you receive an error that Web_en.msi could not be located, please download the “FullFile” version of the fix and install it on top of your existing installation. This will upgrade your existing installation of Expression Web 4 to SP2a which includes the fix. See the download link listed above.