Expression Web 4 Tutorials 2nd Edition – from Install to Publish and More

REVISED May 2012 to include minor revisions and new sections on HTML and CSS.

My free EBook Expression Web 4 Tutorials 2nd Edition from Install to Publish and More has just been revised and updated with new content. It is available for download as a zipped pdf file. The EBook is a great resource for beginners and newbies to Expression Web 4.0

Expression Web Tutorials 2nd edition.

Expression Web Tutorials 2nd edition.

By clicking on the EBook cover, you can download the EBook NOW.

Table of Contents

  • About the Author – Pat Geary
  • Expression Web 4.0
    • What’s New 
    • Which Version Should I Get?
    •  Additional Resources
    • Expression Web 4 Books and Videos
    • Service Packs for Expression Web
      • Expression Web 4 Service Pack 1 (SP1)
      • Expression Web 4 Service Pack 2 (SP2)
  • User Interface – Changes to the User Interface
    •  Site management
    •  Task Panes now Panels
    •  Include Page Option
    •  Snapshot Panel
      • To activate Snapshot
      •  SlapShot
    •  SuperPreview
      • SuperPreview Resources
  •  Installing Expression Studio 4
    •  Licensing
    •  Download Links
    • Installation
    • Activating Expression Studio
    • Installation and Activation Help
  • Setting Up Expression Web 4.0
    •  HTML <!DOCTYPE> Declaration
      •  To add or change the DocType declaration in an existing page
    • HTML 5 doctype and Intellisense
    •  Tools > Page Editor Options > General Tab
      • Spelling
      • Cut and Paste Options
      • Code View Options
    • Tools > Page Editor Options > Code Formatting Tab
    • Tools > Page Editor Options > CSS Tab
      • Only reuse classes with the prefix style’ option
    • Tools > Page Editor Options > Authoring Tab
      • For New Documents:
      • EW 3.0 and 4.0 .htm bug
      • EW 4.0 .htm bug
      • Doctype and Secondary Schema
      • CSS Schema
    • Tools > Page Editor Options > Intellisense Tab
  • Create New Website in Expression Web 4.0
    • Create a One Page Website
  • Create a Blank Web Page
    • Create a Blank Web Page
    • Saving the Page
    • Create an External Style Sheet (CSS)
    • Attach the External Style Sheet to the Page
    • Summary
  • Create a Webpage Layout in Expression Web
    • What is a <div> tag?
    • Create the Layout
      • Style the <body> tag
      • Add the Container
      • Add the masthead and style rules
      • Add the Top Navigation and style rules
      • Add and style the Columns
      • Add and style the Footer
    • Adding Meta Tags
    • Summary
  • Adding Horizontal Top Navigation to Webpage Layout
    • Add and style the top menu
      • Create the menu list
      • To create or modify a hyperlink
      • Adding styles to the menu
    • Converting Your Menus to Include Pages
      • Creating the include page
    • Navigation Resources   
    • CSS Menu Resources
  • Adding Vertical Navigation to Webpage Layout
    • Add and style the left side menu
      • Create the menu list
      • To create or modify a hyperlink
      • Adding styles to the menu
    • Converting Your Menus to Include Pages
    • Navigation Resources
    • CSS Menu Resources
  • Validating Your Pages
    • Compatibility Checker on Status Bar
    • Status Bar
      • Compatibility Checker for Incompatible HTML
      • Invalid HTML Code
    • Additional Resources on Validation
  • Creating Your Dynamic Web Template
    • What is a Dynamic Web Template?
    • Why it’s a good idea to use a DWT?
    • Creating a Dynamic Web Template – DWT
  • What Is Search Engine Optimization – SEO?
    • How Does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Work?
    • Basic Search Engine Optimization Techniques
      • Page Titles
      • Meta Tag for description
      • Meta Tag for keywords
      • File Names
      • Heading Tags
      • Alt Attribute
      • Title Attribute
    • Content
    • Summary
  • Using the Expression Web SEO Checker and Report
    • What does the SEO Checker do?
    • What the SEO Checker Does Not Do
    • To generate an SEO report
      • To apply a filter to an SEO report
      • To remove a filter from an SEO report
      • Understanding the SEO Report
      • SEO panel buttons
    • Problems Details and Fixes SEO Reports
      • The anchor text contains values that provide no search benefit
      • The description for the page is missing
      • Hyperlinks that point to a directory should end in a slash (/)
      • The <meta name="keywords"> tag contents are too short
      • The <title> tag contents are not unique within the site
      • The <img> or <area> tag does not have an ‘alt’ attribute with text
      • The <noscript> tag is missing
      • This page contains no <h1> tag
    • Summary
    • Additional SEO Resources
  • Working with Images in Expression Web 
    • Importing Your Images
    • Inserting Images into a Web Page
      • About the Picture Properties Dialog Box
    • Using Auto thumbnail
      • Check doctype declaration
      • Set the Default Properties for thumbnails
  • Working with Hyperlinks
    • Anchor Tags
    • Bookmarks or Named Anchors (HTML anchors)
      • Add or Remove a Bookmark in Expression Web
      • To create a bookmark
      • To remove a bookmark
    • HTML Links – the target Attribute
    • Picture hyperlinks
    • To Create or modify a hyperlink
    • Useful Tips
    • Additional Resources
    • Changing the Appearance of Hyperlinks
      • Hyperlink states
      • CSS Pseudo-classes
      • To change the appearance of hyperlinks
      • Multiple Link Styles
    • Best Practices in Styling Hyperlinks
    • Additional Resources
  • Publishing Your Web Site
    • To mark files that you do not want to publish
    • Publish Current File
    • Migrate Existing File Definitions to Expression Web
    • Publishing Your Website
  • How to back up your local website on your hard drive
    • Back up your website using Expression Web 4.0
  • Expression Web 4.0 Add-ins
    • What is an Expression Web Add-in?
    • How to install Add-ins?
    • Expression Web Free Add-ins
    • Expression Web Commercial Add-ins
  • Learning HTML – HyperText Markup Language New Section
    • What is HTML?
    • HTML Tags
      • <body> tag
      • <div> tag
      • paragraph <p> tag
      • heading <h1> to <h6> tags
      • <ul> tag
      • <ol> tag
      • <li> tag
      • <img> tag
      • <a> tag
    • Summary
    • Learning Resources
      • HTML Coding – Hypertext Markup Language
      • XHTML – EXtensible HyperText Markup Language
  • CSS Basics New Section
    • What is CSS?
    • Cascading Order
    • Types of Styles
      • Element selectors
      • Class Selectors
      • ID selectors
      • Inline styles
  • How to Copy and Paste Text so the Code is Clean New
  • Create and Style a Data Table
    • Create the Table
    • Style an Already Created Data Table
    • Points to Remember in Working with Tables
  • Table2Clipboard and Expression Web
    • Downloading and Installing Table2Clipboard
    • Setting Table2Clipboard Options
      • Filter Attributes
    • Using Table2Clipboard

The revised version is also available from the Expression Gallery

Download your FREE copy of Expression Web Tutorials 2nd edition- from Install to Publish and More NOW!

Remember, the EBook is in pdf format so you will need the Acrobat Viewer to red and/or print it.

Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web EBook – REVISED

Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web v4.0.2

Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web v4.0.2

Just released Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web version 4.0.2. at the incredibly low price of $20.00. Regular price $32.00.

Now that Service Pack 1 and 2 have been released for Expression Web 4, Tina and I decided the time had come to revise and update our Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web EBook. We put the old EBook on sale for $20. and advised you to be on the lookout for the new one. And, as always, once you have purchased the EBook, you are entitled to FREE lifetime updates.  The time has come, the newly revised EBook is ready! With updated and new content, bundles of Expression Web queries for you to use in the cleanup process and  brand new template packages, what better time to take that old FrontPage site and bring it up to today’s web standards code. And if you don’t already own Expression Web, you can download a sixty day free trial from the Microsoft site. Make sure you also download Service Pack 2.

This EBook covers:


  • Installing EW
  • Backing up

Cleanup Preparations

  • Making CU Toolbar
  • Making Queries

Removal Preparations

  • Redundant graphics
  • Save Navigation
  • Remove Themes…
  • DL Web Package
  • Preserve Regions
  • Insert DocType
  • Remove bots

Pages Preparation

  • Import Web Package
  • Use Cleanup Toolbar
    • Compatibility
    • Clean Tables
    • Tables2Clipboard
    • Accessible Tables
    • Apply XHTML
  • Replace Bots
  • Compatibility Reports
  • Accessibility Reports
  • CSS Reports
  • Add Semantic Markup
    • Heading Tags
  • Add Meta Tags
  • Preview in browser
  • Validation
  • Run Queries

Revising Pages

  • Navigation
    • Accessible Navigation
    • Make Include Pages
    • Insert Include Pages
  • Forms
  • Robots File
  • About DWTs
    • Attach DWTs
  • Use Site Summary
  • SuperPreview
  • SuperPreview Online Service
  • Snapshot

What else do you get apart from the ebook?

The ebook includes all of the lessons in the book PLUS a series of Expression Web Queries bundled together in packages PLUS a total of fourteen web template packages you can choose from for use with your sites. All that for only $20.00 until September 31st.

What better time than now to start migrating your old FrontPage site to a more standards compliant site.


Expression Web 4 Tutorials EBook

Expression Web 4 Tutorials EBookFree Expression Web 4 Tutorials EBook by Pat Geary Microsoft MVP Expression Web has just been published. The EBook is in pdf format for easy  printing and is zipped for quicker download.  The title says it all Expression Web 4 Tutorials from Install to Publish and More. I’ll take you through installing Expression Studio Web Professional (the official name) and setting up the program, to creating your first site and page right through to publishing. At the end I’ll throw in some extras.

You can view the complete Table of Contents and download Free Expression Web 4 Tutorials EBook

Expression Web 3.0 Tutorials EBook 2nd edition

Expression Web 3.0 Tutorials, 2nd edition.

Expression Web 3.0 Tutorials EBook, 2nd edition.

The 2nd edition of Expression Web 3.0 Tutorials has just been released. The Ebook is a compilation of my tutorials for Expression Web 3.0 in pdf format. The EBook is then zipped for easy download.

Tutorials included in the EBook:

  • Installing Expression Web 3.0
  • Setting Up Expression Web 3.0
  • Create a Website
  • Create a Blank Web page
  • Create a Web page layout
  • Add Horizontal To Navigation to your Web Page Layout
  • Add Vertical Navigation to your Web Page Layout
  • Publishing your Website
  • Backing up your Local Website to a Backup Location on your hard drive.
  • Create and Style a Data Table.

You can read more and download Expression Web 3.0 Tutorials 2nd edition

Updated Version – Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web EBook Version 2.0

The Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web EBook – Version 2.0 is now available for $29. If you have purchased the EBook in the past, you are entitled to a  F REE upgrade to the latest version and will be receiving an email to that effect.

Tina Clarke and I have revised the EBook to include more information on how to do things with the newly released Expression Web 3.0. Included in this revision is an in-depth tutorial on using SuperPreview which is a part Expression Web 3.0. Purchasing the EBook also gives you access to the F REE template packages. The newest template package, Misty Morn, includes not one but three separate layouts which make use of the maximum width property AND the javascript file that allows Internet Explorer 6 and below to recognize the property. The package also includes a working form, based on James Huggins’ Email Form Script that you can customize with your own information.

You might like to know about our F ree Expression Web Community Toolbar which contains links to all the latest tutorials, videos,  blogs,  addons, and more. Also the newest links for Expression Web 3.0 and SuperPreview. General Web Design links are also included. All the links you need for working with any version of Expression Web and web design in general a mouse click away.

My own tutorials on Expression Web 3.0 which have been posted on Expression Web Tutorials & Templates have now been compiled into an EBook and are available for download in pdf format as a zipped file.  I am in the process of updating the older tutorials on the site to reflect the changes for Expression Web 3.0 and will be updating that EBook soon.

And last but not least, watch for news on a giveaway that Tina and I are working.  The giveaway will  include the full version of Expression Web 3.0 plus Tina’s  Expression Web tips ebooks.