SUMMER SALE – Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web Ebook


With the launch of Expression Web 4.0 scheduled for June 7th at Internet Week in New York, what better time to think about migrating your website from Frontpage to Expression Web. To celebrate the summer season, the Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web Ebook is now on sale. Usually priced at $29 you can now obtain it for $22. The book’s authors, Tina Clarke and Pat Geary are both Microsoft MVP’s for Expression Web.

If you are thinking about updating your site or moving from FrontPage to Expression Web this is the ebook to help you figure out just how to do that with the least work possible.

Obtain your ebook at and save some credit crunch monies just in time for the summer holidays.Your purchase also gives you access to additional lessons and templates in the owners/students section of the site.
You can obtain other f ree ebooks and f ree templates at the following sites

Remember that if you are a licensed owner of Expression Web 3.0, you will be entitled to a FREE upgrade to Expression Web 4.0 once it is released. So get a head start on getting your site up to current web standards. Buy the Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web, save some money, and start the migration process.

Happy Summer Holidays!!

CSS Box Model: The Foundation For Improving Your CSS

CSS Box Model Illustration

CSS Box Model Illustration

The CSS box model lies behind everything you do in CSS. Every element is defined by a rectangular box that encloses that element. Understanding how the box model works is a key to understanding CSS and having greater control over your layout and presentation. . . . .In nutshell, the box model in CSS describes the boxes which are being generated for HTML-elements. ~ Steven Bradley ~

Details covered in the article include:

  • What is the CSS Box Model?
  • Differences Between Block Boxes and Inline Boxes
  • Floats, Positioning, and the Normal Document Flow
  • Calculating the Widths and Heights of Boxes
  • Issues with IE6 and the Box Model

Read  CSS Box Model: The Foundation For Improving Your CSS and you will learn the tips and techniques for working with the CSS box model.

Additional Resources for Understanding the CSS Box Model

If you are using Expression Web, you will see an example of the css box model reference in the Modify Style or New Style Dialog Box when you select the Box category.

Expression Web CSS Box Model Reference.

Expression Web CSS Box Model Reference.

Website Testing

Whether you author a blog, own a website, are a web designer or are a web developer website testing is a must. This testing goes beyond initial testing when the blog or website is launched, it needs to be an on going maintenance task. ~ Web Page Mistakes with Solutions ~

Static HTML Website Testing

The above holds true for those who design and maintain hobby sites as well. If you have a static website, your site does not have to be on the server for you to test it in various browsers as well as at various resolutions. If you are using Expression Web and working in Design View, make sure you use the Preview in Browser (F12) feature. Don’t just check you site in your default browser. I check in three, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera.  If you are using Expression Web 3.0, you have another option – SuperPreview.

Web Space Website Testing

Another way to test your site is to create a test area on your server space. It could be a subdomain you create or a folder/directory on your current site. Rather than password protecting the subdomain or directory, I use the robots.txt file to keep the search engines from indexing the site before I am ready for it to go live. Make sure you change this after the site is live.

Website Testing As the Website/Blog is Built

As you develop your site, there are things that should be tested as you work. They include:

  1. HTML Code Validation
  2. CSS Code Validation
  3. Screen Resolution
  4. Alt Attribute
  5. Correct Color Contrast
  6. Font Size
  7. Uncommon Font(s)
  8. Text Alignment
  9. Heading Hierarchy
  10. Browser Specific Design
  11. Custom Error Pages
  12. Website Navigation
  13. Search Engine Friendly Design

Read the full article Website Testing and make this a regular part of the web design process.

Simple CSS Tips

I’m always on the lookout for CSS Tips that might help you with your site design and make your work a little simpler. Simple CSS Tips that Go a Long Way has a few suggestions you might want to try out.

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make all the difference and there are plenty of neat little CSS tips that can help with all aspects of design and development. Here are a few great tips that will help you improve your CSS work and help you get the most out of your code.

Included are the following:

  1. Reset Browsers’ Default Styling  – many of the F REE Expression Web DWT’s that I offer are based on Eric Meyer’s CSS Sculptor for Expression Web and make use of Eric Meyer’s Reset CSS
  2. CSS Cursor Tip
  3. CSS Sprite Images
  4. Focus States for Form Fields
  5. Useful Comments
  6. Center Elements Horizontally
  7. Override Inline Styles
  8. Easily Find Elements to Fix Problems
  9. Print Style Sheet

You can read Simple CSS Tips that Go a Long Way by Tom Kenny in its entirety and get the css for each of the suggestions listed above to try out on your own site.

Expression Web SuperPreview In Depth Tutorial

Tina Clarke, MS MVP Expression Web has just added an in depth tutorial on Expression Web’s SuperPreview feature to her Any Expressions Design site.

Expression Web SuperPreview is a brand new feature within Expression Web 3.0 Included also is Snapshot which is a sort of mini preview alongside your Design and Code Views. The Expression Web SuperPreview Tutorial along with its companion Expression Web SuperPreview Starter Kit go indepth and touch on almost every aspect of the application and the methods you can employ to find coding errors and how to fix them.

Read the full tutorial: Expression Web 3.0 SuperPreview. Make sure you also download her Expression Web Stater Kits so you can follow along with the tutorial. While you are there,  you might want to check out her other tutorials and her collection of EBooks for Expression Web, many of which are F REE.  Great job Tina!